Tijuana Innovadora was created by popular demand in 2010 as the synergy of hundreds of stakeholders converged to coordinate an event that would show the strengths of the city. This collective effort not only transformed Tijuana, but also opened up endless opportunities and numerous community proposals to promote the virtues of the city, its talents, passions, and employment opportunities.With unprecedented results, the Tijuana Innovadora movement is now a spark plug for initiatives in the region that has truly become a citizen-led platform that launches and supports creative proposals for social innovation that improves the quality of life for all residents of Tijuana.

Our Mission

To strengthen the positive development of Tijuana’s communities by collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders who offer innovative, high-impact programs that will contribute to a better quality of life for all people in Tijuana.

Our Vision

To create a permanent social movement that provides a professional space where people from all backgrounds can promote ideas, proposals, and projects that will create continued improved outcomes for the communities we serve.