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Nine out of every ten startups in Mexico fail within their first year of operation. 

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Workshop 1 “The 3 steps to become an audiovisual media entrepreneur”
Workshop 2 “Undertakes (or consolidate) in the traditional arts”

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Creacción offers you a roadmap to launch and scale your project, with exclusive information and proven methods designed specifically for companies and individuals in the creative industry. 

How do we know all this? It didn’t come easy. A group made up of creative people, active in the academic and business communities, conducted exhaustive research and ecosystem mapping of the cultural and creative industries in Tijuana. 

Based on their findings, they created a manual for the success of the creative enterprise, and we want to share it with the entire community!

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We provide you with information and tools that increase your probability of entrepreneurial success by up to 30%.

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At Creacción (creative action) we strive to encourage cooperation (or cooperative) networks between creative people, entrepreneurs and businesses involved in Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI), seeking to increase young people’s interest and participation by promoting cooperative networks and leadership in building entrepreneurial communities that are committed to the region.
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What are the Cultural and Creative Industries?

Those sectors of organized activity that have as their main objective the production or reproduction, the promotion, distribution, or commercialization of goods, services, and activities of content derived from cultural, artistic or heritage origins. (UNESCO)

Are you part of the CCI, also referred to as the Creative Economy?

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Take a look at the Mapping of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of the Cultural and Creative Industries in Tijuana. This analysis helped us develop Roadmaps and Acceleration Maps for creative people looking to participate, dialogue and express themselves through the fascinating world of the creative economy.

You can’t miss out on this mapping of the creative industry. Every talent matters. Connecting fosters best practices in project management and strengthens the overall development of the creative economy.

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    This important document is the result of a collaboration (OR strategic alliance) agreement between Tijuana Innovadora and CETYS University within the framework of an international cooperation program of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) to be implemented as part of the project México: Promoviendo una Cultura Democrática Abordando la Inseguridad Ciudadana, Fomentando el Emprendimiento Juvenil y la Participación Ciudadana (Mexico: Promoting a Democratic Culture by Addressing Public Insecurity, Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurship and Civic Participation).