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Take a look at the Mapping of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of the Cultural and Creative Industries in Tijuana. This analysis helped us develop Roadmaps and Acceleration Maps for creative people looking to participate, dialogue and express themselves through the fascinating world of the creative economy.

You can’t miss out on this mapping of the creative industry. Every talent matters. Connecting fosters best practices in project management and strengthens the overall development of the creative economy.

They told you that you were going to starve. Were they right?

  • You have an idea, but you don’t know where to begin.
  • You are confused about the accounting, administrative and legal side of things.
  • You don’t know how to protect your intellectual property.
  • You don’t know how to get your product to your ideal market.

Let's change that statistic!

Nine out of every ten startups in Mexico fail within their first year of operation. 

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Building a creative and successful business is possible.
We can show you how.

We are a community of creative professionals who have already racked our brains so that you don’t have to. We want to improve the odds that your project will be a creative and lucrative success!

Creacción offers you a roadmap to launch and scale your project, with exclusive information and proven methods designed specifically for companies and individuals in the creative industry. 

How do we know all this? It didn’t come easy. A group made up of creative people, active in the academic and business communities, conducted exhaustive research and ecosystem mapping of the cultural and creative industries in Tijuana. 

Based on their findings, they created a manual for the success of the creative enterprise, and we want to share it with the entire community!

Now the information is fully accessible!

Ofrece Tijuana Innovadora talleres para emprendedores de industrias creativas

Ofrece Tijuana Innovadora talleres para emprendedores de industrias creativas

Como parte de visibilizar el trabajo hecho por aquellos que se dedican a las industrias creativas, Tijuana ...
Presentan mapeo de industrias creativas y culturales en Tijuana

Presentan mapeo de industrias creativas y culturales en Tijuana

A manera de buscar una mayor participación en aquellas empresas dedicadas a las industrias culturales y creativas ...
Buscan mayor fortalecimiento de las industrias creativas en la ciudad

Buscan mayor fortalecimiento de las industrias creativas en la ciudad

Como parte de buscar una mayor participación de aquellas empresas dedicadas a las industrias culturales y ...

A small business is not a small version of a big corporate and a big business is not a big version of a start-up. 😁

When growing you have to consider a business model that makes sense with your project and that allows you to grow in way that is sustainable and preferably, scalable! 📈

Download our free Entrepreneurship Manual and learn how to make this possible, you can find it in the link in our bio!
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If you don`t know, you can always learn. 😉👍
If you can`t, you`ll have to manage and achieve.
If you don`t want to, why bother with entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task and definitely not for everyone, but if you really want to do it, take a look at the link in our bio. You will find resources that will give you clarity in entrepreneurship (knowledge), facilitate your search for resources (power) and help you channel your motivation (desire).
#TijuanaInnovadora #Creacción

A determining factor in business success is the work team. The solopreneur can succeed, but it will be much more difficult.
The winning combination that we see in most success stories is composed of at least 3 people with the following profiles: 😁

This profile loves to observe, explore and socialize. Knows customers and competitors. Brings information on trends and new practices.

Analyzes the convenience of an investment, develops ability to manage and justify resources, understands why we can make or lose money in that "business idea".

This is the person who knows what is going to be sold. It is the person or the members of the team that can materialize the products or services of the company.

#TijuanaInnovadora #Creacción

People and companies that have already achieved something similar to what you aspire to, are a gold mine of information! They know how to get you where you want to go, and you know what the best part is? There are many successful people who enjoy sharing their stories and learnings. 😁

Don`t know where to start looking for mentors? Reach out to Creacción. In the link in our bio you will find resources and tools created by experts who want to share their knowledge with you, for free!
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No fear of success? No fear of failure! 😌 Giving a new meaning to failure and accepting it as knowledge will allow us to grow and maintain our motivation.

Learn more about what failure can teach you and many more tools that will help you get off the ground and consolidate your project in our: download our Entrepreneurship Manual in the link in our bio! 😁

#TijuanaInnovadora #Creacción

When it comes to `why` people want to become entrepreneurs, a report by Guidant Financial found that 26% of respondents wanted to be their own boss. With another 23% quoting that they wanted to pursue their passions. While only 19% stated that seeing an opportunity to introduce themselves was their primary motivation. Finally, an even smaller 6% started their own business because they lost their job. 👀

Why are you interested in entrepreneurship? What is your motivation? 🤔

If you are certain about these answers, congratulations! That motivation will fuel your commitment and dedication to your venture. If you have not defined it, it is important to dedicate some time to connect and discover it. Don`t know where to start? We`ll help you figure it out. . 😉👍

#TijuanaInnovadora #Creacción

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We provide you with information and tools that increase your probability of entrepreneurial success by up to 30%.

Stop doing things «for the love of art» and make your business successful.

Creativity should not be at odds with economic growth. Be on the winning side of statistics. Steer your efforts in the right direction; acquire the necessary information
and get your project off the ground!

A gift for the creative community

Get your guide to the 10 steps to entrepreneurship and 10 steps to scaling up your creative business.

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At Creacción (creative action) we strive to encourage cooperation (or cooperative) networks between creative people, entrepreneurs and businesses involved in Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI), seeking to increase young people’s interest and participation by promoting cooperative networks and leadership in building entrepreneurial communities that are committed to the region.
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What are the Cultural and Creative Industries?

Those sectors of organized activity that have as their main objective the production or reproduction, the promotion, distribution, or commercialization of goods, services, and activities of content derived from cultural, artistic or heritage origins. (UNESCO)

Are you part of the CCI, also referred to as the Creative Economy?

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